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How to assess the risk of a change

Change management is coming under increased scrutiny with the advent of DevOps, Agile software development and project planning, not to mention continuous improvement.Every one of these should be subject to the jurisdiction of a change management system - and at the center of that - the need to properly assess and allocate risk.The faster the pace…

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DevOps practical guidance

The DevOps Institute recently announced their foundations course. Not entirely sure it fits exactly with the purpose of the DevOps movement - with the Ops part possibly referring to what ITSM addresses in the ITIL Service Operations book rather than the original system administration roles. Yes it involves changes to organizational culture, but so…

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Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

The USMBOK already discusses the different approach and skills required to managing strategic and tactical suppliers - calling the former 'service providers'. Isn't this exactly what SIAM is about? Also, seems the SIAM movement is at best UK centric and as yet nowhere near as advanced as a movement as say DevOps.  What chance you could extend the c…

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How to develop a communications plan

Introduction and practical guidance on what a communications plan is, and how to approach its development within a service provider organization

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A summary dashboard of what's available now through the University?

Obviously, there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes at the University. The content development calendar provides a useful view into what's coming in the future. Although it does show the past, it might be useful to provide a very simple dashboard that shows account of the total number of lessons or topics or videos available now t…

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What about a latest and greatest breaking news, concept or method within the Brain?

I noticed the term 'zero moment of truth' or ZMOT, that Google uses to describe the point of first contact with the consumer. It's in the lexicon. Since the brain is able to be updated in real time to include these possibly important concepts as they enter use, is there a way you could provide a short link so the new ones can be dist…

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What about a "top ten questions" area that links me to answers in learning?

I'm thankful to Cliff D.for this idea. To paraphrase, the Brain is awesome and contains a tremendous amount of information. But, a major goal is to save people time when looking for whether you have information that might answer a question they have.Is there any way you can capture and replay the top common questions bouncing around in the ind…

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A lesson: How to apply the 'True North' method to set service management goals

True North is a workshop method some use to uncover and (re)define the purpose of an organization (enterprise->team).Its commonly used in lean thinking.What about a lesson to explain how to use this method to similarly check and define the objectives of a service management initiative, or perhaps the purpose of a service management office?

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A lesson : How to Decipher the ISO 20000:2011 Standard

A lesson or course on how to interpret and decipher the requirements in the ISO 20000:2011 standard, from the perspective of an auditor, not necessarily an 'ITSM consultant'.

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A lesson for the 'Internet of Everything' topic

Seems some vendors are now using this term instead of the 'Internet of Things'.What chance of a topic level lesson explain this, or updating any existing Internet of Things explanation?