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A summary dashboard of what's available now through the University?

Obviously, there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes at the University. The content development calendar provides a useful view into what's coming in the future. Although it does show the past, it might be useful to provide a very simple dashboard that shows account of the total number of lessons or topics or videos available now t…

Under Review Idea

What about a latest and greatest breaking news, concept or method within the Brain?

I noticed the term 'zero moment of truth' or ZMOT, that Google uses to describe the point of first contact with the consumer. It's in the lexicon. Since the brain is able to be updated in real time to include these possibly important concepts as they enter use, is there a way you could provide a short link so the new ones can be dist…

Under Review Idea

What about a "top ten questions" area that links me to answers in learning?

I'm thankful to Cliff D.for this idea. To paraphrase, the Brain is awesome and contains a tremendous amount of information. But, a major goal is to save people time when looking for whether you have information that might answer a question they have.Is there any way you can capture and replay the top common questions bouncing around in the ind…