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What about a latest and greatest breaking news, concept or method within the Brain?

I noticed the term 'zero moment of truth' or ZMOT, that Google uses to describe the point of first contact with the consumer. It's in the lexicon. Since the brain is able to be updated in real time to include these possibly important concepts as they enter use, is there a way you could provide a short link so the new ones can be distinguished from the older?

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Ian Clayton: USMBOK Author Mon, 21st Dec 2015 9:16pm

A good idea! The question is, whether the brain is the best place for this. A short blog springs to mind. Blogs allow us to have an ongoing discussion. Then we have the internal member groups with discussions can also be had. I'll need a few more days to ponder this. My assumption, or preference, is that when some new concept is discovered, were able to at least post a simple definitional description and prompt the conversation. I'm loath for things to go directly into the brain, and hope that all additions parse through some sort of membership 'crowdsourcing' and voting via the feedback system.
But I like the idea.…

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