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Ian Clayton: USMBOK Author Mon, 21st Dec 2015 4:20pm

Interesting.originally, the USMBOK foundation class marketed attendants would help 10 questions be answered. There was some form of knitting between those questions and content in specific lessons. Obviously, a fundamentalist type course is organized differently than content designed to answer specific questions.

So, it's a very feasible, and a good idea. I absolutely understand the likely frustration of arriving at the brain with a question or a challenge, and having to navigate around and assemble your own answer.

The support system is probably the best place to start this journey. It is designed to accept questions such as "how do I do this…", And either offer a response as an attached knowledge article, or guidance within the ticket response. I'm conscious of the amount of knitting. But, as I said absolutely feasible to have detailed information in the support system link to prompts in the brain and vice versa.

Good idea thanks. I'm still thinking about the best way to do this that ensures it easy to use. Back with you shortly

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