What if I did not receive an activation email or password reset?

The University system does not use activation emails. It requires you sign up as a member and purchase a membership subscription. When this is done, a confirmation email is sent, which also acts as a receipt for your purchase.

The system automatically logs you in upon completion of the purchase.

If you were expecting an automated email for any other reason, for example in response to a request to reset your password, or remind you of your username or the email you used to subscribe, it may be because:

  • There was a typo in your email address
  • Your spam filter may have called the email. Please check your spam folder
  • You may be using an older browse We recommend downloading the current versio of any browser
  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please check your browser settings and confirm it is enabled
  • You have not successfully registered an account on the University. Please try registering again with the same email address. (If an account already exists, you'll see an error regarding a duplicate email address.) This will help us troubleshoot your situation.

If you continue to have problems accessing your account, please use this support service to open a new request ticket, or send an email containing as much information about your situation as you can to us at University@servicemanagement101.com.

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