What is a knowledge article?

NOTE: This knowledge article can be used as a template to develop other articles.

A 'knowledge article' is a written response to a request for information stored in a searchable physical documented or digital form - such as a database.  Knowledge Articles (KAs) are intended to act as an information source to the reader, offering:

  • answers to common questions
  • detailed procedures on how to perform an activity
  • tutorials to explain what something is, or how to use it
  • specialized procedures to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems
  • general information on a topic, artifact, or item

Articles should have a consistent format and use language designed to be easily understood by their intended audience. By default an article should be written for a general, non-technical audience. As a minimum an article should include:

  • A title that incorporates important keywords in the first 70 characters, avoiding use of colons, extra spaces, and "-ing" words.  The first word and proper nouns within the title should be capitalized
  • A search summary of about 160 characters designed to make the mental connection between the search query or question, and the results displayed in order to encourage a click through to the article
  • Search words designed to be matched with the text string of a question
  • A well formed slug
  • The answer or response styalized to suit the type of knowledge article
  • Where appropriate, one or more related content links


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